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PTís independence is questioned

22 August 2014 11:56
By Edward Bishop

An incorrect accusation has been propagated on Twitter that PT has deleted or changed posts submitted to its LinkedIn group. For the record (whatever the record may prove to be worth), we would never do anything of the sort. Ironically the root cause of the truth failure proved to be a software failure, of LinkedIn. Thanks to he who, learning that, withdrew his accusation, and to his friends who helped with its detection.

It has been suggested as a result of this calumny that PT may be biased. Before you consider that, please spend a few minutes dipping into our archive of contributions from writers holding and expressing all opinions on testing. We stand proudly by our content, past and present, and invite its comparison, on any criteria, to that of any contemporary testing publication. The truth is that Professional Tester is completely independent and unbiased. Its mission statement compels us to strive to use PT to nurture all ideas and communicate all knowledge relevant to testers.

PT does not try proactively to annoy its best customers or sales prospects. If it did it could not survive. Its only income is from the advertising it carries. Other than that flexible and, if necessary, breakable constraint, PT has no agenda. That cannot be said of most of its critics who are severely biased by their self interests.

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