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Testing takes a central role

9 January 2017 16:19
By Vanessa Howard

The rise of the test architect

For many years, testers have consistently argued that testing should not be an afterthought in software development. Now it seems that organizations are actively redefining the role that testing should play.

Siemens AG is setting out to appoint around 50 test architects by the end of 2017 as it recognises that well-designed, sustainable test architecture will be critical to its ability to deliver the quality its customers expect.

The role will mean that test strategies, test systems and test technologies will be introduced that clearly aligned with and support business goals and drivers. Peter Zimmerer, a principal key expert engineer at Siemens AG, said: “In the real world, our test systems increase in size, volume, complexity and unpredictability. Additionally, digitalization requires more than just a face lift in testing.”

Zimmerer’s full feature can be read in the current issue of Professional Tester magazine.

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