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Past Press Releases - GrammaTech

October 1, 2014
GrammaTech Awarded Phase II Funding for Advanced Model Generation
GrammaTech, Inc., a leading maker of tools that improve and accelerate software development, today announced that the company has been awarded funding to complete Phase II of an STTR contract sponsored by the United States Navy. More

September 18, 2014
Software Assurance Marketplace (SWAMP) Announces Partnership with GrammaTech
The SoftWare Assurance MarketPlace (SWAMP) announced that it has formed a partnership with GrammaTech, as well as Parasoft, Red Lizard, and Veracode, in order to enhance the software security services offered by the SWAMP. More

July 8, 2014
GrammaTech Launches NSF-Funded Annotations for All Website
New Crowdsourcing Initiative Will Harden Open Source Software Through Better Automated Analysis of Code. More

July 2, 2014
CodeSonar Achieves ISO 26262, IEC 61508, and EN 50128 Certification
GrammaTech’s Flagship Static Analysis Product Now Independently Certified to Analyze Functional Safety of Source Code. More

April 3, 2014
GrammaTech Releases CodeSonar 4
Industry-Leading Embedded Application Analysis Tool Advances Security, Compliance, and Binary Testing of Third-Party Code. More

February 25, 2014
GrammaTech Unveils Visual Security Analysis for Embedded Software
Innovative Visual Taint Analysis for Understanding Hazardous Data Flow in Code Improves Embedded Device Reliability and Security. More

September 18, 2013
GrammaTech Adds Dynamic Analysis to Product Portfolio with Cantata
Unit Testing Tool Helps Developers Build Safer Software and Achieve Compliance Goals. More

April 23, 2013
GrammaTech Integrates Static Analysis with Eclipse Development Environment
CodeSonar’s warnings for C/C++ and Java code now viewable within Eclipse. More

March 5, 2013
GrammaTech Announces Static Analysis Tool for Examining Binaries
CodeSonar® for Binaries Identifies Security Vulnerabilities in Third-Party Executables, Enabling Better Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM). More

February 26, 2013
GrammaTech Announces Enhancements to CodeSonar Visualization
New Functionality Dramatically Simplifies Defect Detection. More

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