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Free Imagix 4D plug-in for Testwell CTC++ Customers

Imagix 4D is a tool to understand, document and improve complex, third party or legacy source code in C, C++ and Java. Imagix 4D automates the analysis of control flow and dependencies. It detects problems in data usage and task interactions.
The integration with Testwell CTC++ Code Coverage Analyser enables Imagix 4D to aid in review of the test coverage data. This speeds up the development of test cases and the analysis of performance bottlenecks.
Free Imagix 4D plug-in is now available for all Testwell CTC++ customers. Further Information: http://www.verifysoft.com/en_imagix4d.html

Publisher Contact Information:

Verifysoft Technology GmbH
+49 781 127 8118-6

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