Process and Best Tools for Software Testing

Online casino games represent a multibillion dollar industry that has seen lots of ups and downs. Trust and fair play is and will always be the bedrock of the online casino industry. That is why online casinos invest a lot of money in testing prior to launching a new app to players. Tutorial for testing are offered early so that testing starts while a game is being designed or developed. The game and app goes through rigorous stages of alpha testing. After game publishers/developers finish testing the app they contact certified testing facilities to double-check everything.

Tutorial for Process of Software Tester Training


Software testing is all about evaluating a system or its components with the aim of finding out if it satisfies the specified requirements. Testing early helps reduce the time and money that would otherwise be used reworking and producing error-free software. Testing is typically done at the end of every iteration/increment and then again once the application is completed.

The first phase in testing is the requirement gathering phase. The verification and analysis of requirements are considered as testing. Reviewing the layout with the aim of improving the design in the design phase is also considered testing. The third form of testing is performed by the developer once the software is complete. The objective is to ensure everything does what it should.

Freelance testers can be brought in at any stage to test an online app. It is not easy to determine when to stop testing. So long as your app is still being used to you have to keep testing it.

Best Tools for Software Testing

There are tons of testing tools you can use. Each has its fair share of merits and demerits. Always consider if software tester training is offered or make sure the learning curve is acceptable. Here are some of the best tools you should consider using. Most of them come with a detailed tutorial to get you started.


This is the most popular application you can use for testing. It is ideal for web application testing. You can use it to perform browser-based regression tests. The tool is compatible with numerous programming languages and can easily be integrated in a testing framework. The best thing about Selenium is that it is open-source. You will find a tutorial online for this tool.

Silk Test

This test is ideal for regression and functional testing. It is efficient and offers high quality test automation. Mobile and cross-browser testing is supported. Collaborative design environment through keyword driven testing is what makes this tool the ultimate choice. Tutorial and software tester training is offered by most firms on how to use Silk Test.


The test automation platform is developed by the SmartBear. It offers the ability to create automated tests for Android and iOS applications. The tool can perform parallel regression tests with automation builds as well as create stable regression tests. It can work independently with no human intervention. Tutorial and software tester training focusing on the TestComplete tool is offered by many software developers.


This is a remarkable end to end test management tool. The tool allows for full visibility in the testing process and deeper broader understanding of the testing results. It offers numerous third-party integrations with automation tools, bug trackers, and robust API. It is ideal for testing casino bonus on a casino app.


Unified Functional Test is the best cross-platform test automation tool. The tool offers functional and regression test automation for software applications. It can be used to automate a range of applications including PowerBuilder, Oracle, Delphi, Java, ActiveX and PeopleSoft. It is preferred for its distinguishing features like keyword driven framework, XML support and business process testing. It is a good choice when testing an app. You will find a suitable tutorial online too for this tool.


This is the first choice by most organizations in GUI test automation across the globe. It has a powerful IDE and all-inclusive support for this type of technologies. This is a 100% cross-platform tool that offers full support for web, desktop, mobile and embedded platforms. The tool comes with a tutorial too to help you get started.


This is the best manual and automated test management app for QA. It is a comprehensive tool that lives seamlessly integrates with Jira. The purpose of this tool is to help developers improve the quality of their products by effectively and efficiently testing software.

Other remarkable tools worth mentioning and on which you can get software tester training and tutorial on include:

  • Ranorex
  • Appium
  • SoapUI
  • EggPlant
  • TestMonitor
  • TestRail
  • IBM Rational Quality Manager
  • Watir
  • Testim
  • AppliTools
  • Telerik studio
  • Browsera

Freelance and Remote Testing for Company

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Anyone with interest in testing casino games can do so and earn real money. Tutorial and software tester training is offered so you know what to look for in an app. You can find freelance and remote app testing gigs on sites like Freelancer, Testerwork, Upwork, Guru,, and There are several other job posting websites you can use. The online casino testers earn more since they are required to be stricter. You will also be required to test more areas including the features of the app as well as the bonuses given by the online casino. It is also not uncommon to be asked to develop a tutorial for an app.

For instance, is a reliable source where you can find the best online casino sites that are safe and and perfect for casino testers. These casinos usually offer a rich game libraries, so if you have a genuine interest, testing casino games can be an engaging and enjoyable career choice.

As a freelancer testing casino games, your obligations may vary depending on the specific project or client you’re working with. However, your primary obligation is to test the casino games assigned to you thoroughly.

As a freelancer you can make a good living as a professional tester. All you have to do is keep improving your skills using tutorial and be strict with testing. There are many platforms offering software tester training today.