I wanted to talk to you about a company that recruits software testers and promises you attractive salaries if you commit to playing your money on roulette by following their fabulous algorithm detector. They certify that you cannot lose money, that all the sessions you start by following their software are necessarily winning.

It may be the same company that changes its name regularly because I’ve read your previous posts, and the phenomenon doesn’t seem new. Currently, therefore, the site that promises to enrich you is called s-iphone.com, and their partner is magi slots. I say partner because for me it is undeniable that this scam works through a partnership, I will explain to you why just afterward.

Here is my experience: after registration on s-iphone.com, it is asked to follow several steps to “train” you to use their software. I am the” formation ” in demo mode, on magi slots, then deposit the first 30€ to start playing. Software 1 being quite convincing, I continue. I discover along the way that to play more than two sessions a day, you have to invest more. All right, I will. But to use the software 2, it is definitely ” advisable” to deposit an additional€ 500 or to use the software 1 to increase its balance. Note that with the software 1, each session only pays 1€. So if you’re patient, why not? Otherwise, you do as I do, you deposit 500€.

Please note that the site managers s-iphone.com assure you that no session can be a loser with their software. But it is better to know what it means for them “you can’t lose” because otherwise you risk falling. This is what happened to me when I started using the popular software two, which is supposed to bring you 125 to 175€ per session:

1st session: winner in 10mn. It’s all right; I like it, I’m starting another one. 2nd session: my balance on magi slots goes from€ 660 to less than€ 10 after a 3H session. That’s when the software asks me to replenish my player account because there isn’t enough money on it to complete the current course! Then, I refer to the user support who tells me that it is reasonable, that it is rare but that it happens from time to time. I simply have to put money back into my player account, and above all, complete this current session because it will inevitably end up being a winner, or start another one, but this will involve the dry loss of the capital invested in this session.

Ah, and you should also know that when you begin to receive your winnings, you will be asked to pay them back 20% of the royalty. But you will never win since the algorithm in question is apparently designed to make you lose your money fast enough.

In addition, the company also invests when you invest in the online casino. Example: I deposit € 500, she pays € 1000 into my player account on magi slots. I’m sorry?? Now it’s starting to look good. Could the company have direct access to our player account on magi slots? However, when I check my player account history, s-iPhone investments do not appear.

I now know that this is a partnership with the online casino magic slots because when I was sure of the scam, I decided to stop, and I contacted magi slots directly to ask for a withdrawal (I had€ 400 left in my player account). They first told me that it was impossible because I would have to put the sum of€ 10,000 on the line first before I could make a withdrawal. Why? Because of several bonuses that I would have received one of magi slots himself, official this one, but also other gifts of an ” independent company.” I explained to my interlocutor that the company in question had fooled me, I explain to him a little the scam, he, Of course, knows nothing. However, I think he quickly saw when hearing the questions that I suspected them of being in cahoots (if the payments of the famous company pass into “bonus” on magi slots, how can you not be at the current?). He then proposed to me either to reaccredit my player account of the initial amount invested so that I could continue to play, or to repay me the whole of this capital, with the obligation instead to close my player account (by mentioning in passing that it was “legal procedure in case of dispute” There was a good cause for dispute then)


The bad news: it’s impossible to get rich with companies that recruit people to play online roulette using their magic software that supposedly never loses, but that wastes a lot of money and time.

The good news is, the casinos that agree to deal with these companies don’t want any trouble — hoping that this testimony will be useful to other sweet Dreamers like me, to hear well!