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“Guaranteeing proper software behavior is a challenge”: New Testwell CTC++ customer testimonial

“Our reputation is built on products which work properly” says Kees Valkhof, Lely’s Configuration Manager, who has given us an insight into the software testing demands for agricultural solutions and explained why they are using Testwell CTC++ for measuring code coverage.

In the following Customer Testimonial and Video Mr. Valkhof talks about advantages of Testwell CTC++: “At Lely we want to be able to measure the coverage of our unit tests as well as of the tests performed on the target. We have some dedicated embedded boards that require an embedded cross-compiler. As we have more than one of these compilers, we need a generic tooling, which is not bound to a specific tool set and or IDE. This is the reason why we have chosen Testwell CTC++. This tool meets all of the above requirements…”

Here you can watch the video:

Here you can read full Customer Testimonial as PDF:

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Verifysoft Technology GmbH

+49 781 127 8118-6

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